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Discover What blizzard can do for you!

Typically, a standard long draw draft beer system does its best to keep the temperature of the beer the same at the taps as it is in the walk-in cooler. When a Blizzard Beer System is installed, it doesn’t matter what the temperature of the walk-in cooler is, you will always be serving 29 degree beer.
Most domestic keg beer must be refrigerated and should never exceed fifty degrees Fahrenheit. When beer goes above this temperature it can go through a secondary fermentation and will "kick," which is commonly known as "wild beer." The end result is a keg of beer which patrons will not want to drink.
Serving the coldest beer has many advantages. The most obvious and significant advantage is satisfied customers. In addition to increased sales from an influx of customers, serving beer colder than ice can increase profitability by as much as 35% by eliminating "warm beer foaming."

Life's too short to drink warm beer!

The heart of the Blizzard Beer System is its unique method of chilling using propylene glycol. While other beer systems’ goals are to maintain the temperature of the beer from the walk-in cooler to the tap, the Blizzard Beer System is the only system that lowers the temperature of the beer coming from your walk-in cooler. Our trunk line, which transports the beer from cooler to tower, is a bundle of both beer tubing and glycol lines double wrapped in a radon impregnated Mylar tape to hermetically seal the bundle and prevent condensation. Our patented tower, which doubles as a cold plate, is designed to maintain cold 29-degree beer all the way to your glass. With our system, the tenth beer is just as cold as the first. "Too cold to hold" should be the only problem you face with the Blizzard Beer System.

Why buy the Blizzard System?

There are four principle reasons why a Blizzard Beer System should be purchased
Cold draft beer is just good business. Studies have shown that when people are served cold beer they drink more. Our customers tell us that beer sales increase between 25 and 35%after installing the system. Draft beer has a larger gross profit (50% more on average) than bottled beer. Increased revenues are the name of the game in the business world.
On average most beer systems lose 15 to 35% of a keg due to foam. That means two to five gallons of beer per keg down the drain. Our systems lose 0 to 3%. By converting that lost beer to sales, your keg is now free!
Because of the efficiency of our systems, Blizzard Beer System’s compressors only run approximately 30% of the time. This means a lower power bill than most systems.
Our systems are built to last. Because our systems do not have to work as hard as others, Blizzard Beer Systems are the most reliable in the industry.

Why doesn't everyone have one?

The initial investment of a Blizzard Beer System is more than other systems on the market. Because of pressure from salesmen, money constraints, and lack of knowledge; many entrepreneurs choose the cheapest system available to distribute their product. Although they save money the day they purchase the cheap system, they lose money every day until they finally call us. Don't make the mistake of paying for a beer system only to tear it out for a Blizzard Beer System a few months or years later. On average, we find the system pays for itself in less than six months. Where else can you double your money in six months? We have never had one of our systems replaced by a competitor. We have no competition when it comes to consistency, quality and performance.

How much does a Blizzard System cost?

Each system is designed to fit your needs. We can configure a system from two beers to as many as you can dream. Obviously the cost varies depending on what you need. We have representatives trained in helping you get the most for your money. Contact us for a quote today.